Communication and Finance Workshop in Hanover, Germany

On Thursday, 16 and Friday 17 September 2010 all Project Partners joint the Municipal Environmental Campaign U.A.N. for a workshop on communicational and financial issues at their office in Hanover. At the workshop the partners got more insides to both, the financial and the communicational parts of the North Sea SEP Project. A lot of the partners from the different countries such as Belgium, Denmark and Scotland as well as Germany came to Hanover to take part in the workshops.

On Thursday, after a warm welcome and an introduction to the Municipal Environmental Campaign U.A.N. by Wiebke Abeling, Jana Schilling and Stefan Molkentin (atene KOM GmbH) held the communication workshop starting with basics on communication and some general advice on how to overcome the difficulties communicating via computer mediated communication across different cultures. After that, some recently developed communication guidelines were introduced and discussed with the project partners. The activity outputs in terms of communication and the future activities were also presented to the group and new strategies to reach different target groups were developed. At the end of the fruitful workshop Chris Ashe from Dundee College introduced a new collaboration platform which will amongst others be used in the project to reach certain target groups. Within this platform a North Sea SEP game will be developed to raise awareness towards environment friendly behaviour from a young age.

On Friday Martin Heinz (atene KOM) presented the financial issues of the North Sea SEP project to the audience. All present partners received a printed Financial Handbook which will help them to manage all financial issues which were discussed throughout the day. During the workshop the partners also received individual feedback on their financial management and the budget plans and changes were presented.

Summing up, the two day workshop was a productive get together of the North Sea SEP partners and will move forward the project towards an overall successful outcome at the end of the project's lifetime and to also ensure the sustainability afterwards.