Energiting Sydost was arranged by the regional Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden on the 5th of May 2011 in Växjö. There were a little bit more than 100 participants registered, practitioners and politicians from municipalities, politicians from the region and representatives from different companies and the university.

The introduction was held by the managing director of the company, a short presentation of the situation regarding energy planning in the region by Gunnar Nordmark, chairman of the regional council as well as of the Climate commission of Kronoberg and Ida Andreasson from the county administrative board. The speakers focused on energy efficiency in buildings and energy production, energy planning, transports and behavior issues.

The final discussion was video casted. It was led by the officer for environment issues in the municipality of Malmö, Katarina Pelin. 

Members from the three regions of southeast Sweden participated in the discussion with the focus on tools and networks for energy planning. Gunnar Nordmark was representing the regional Climate Commission. A conclusion from the discussion is the consensus of the relevance of the regional climate commissions for the regional energy planning. The Triple Helix model of the networks has been a fruitful method to work together with the energy strategy.