First Think Tank meeting in Middelfart, Denmark

In February (8.-11.02.10) the North Sea SEP partners and their Think Tank gathered in Middelfart (DK) to discuss the project's targets, development and current progress. The meeting was hosted by the Danish project partner Green Network and its sub partners Hedensted-, Vejle-, Fredericia-, Kolding- and Middelfart Kommune, which was represented by Johannes Lundsfryd Jensen, chairman of "Environment & Energy" Middelfart, giving the political opening speech. Initiated by the Think Tank meeting, which functions as the project advisory board, supported by its Work Package Leaders, the project's progress and strategic elements were focused on.

The Think Tank members shared their experiences and positive views on North Sea SEP and discussed about factors of success relating to energy planning, sustainability and best practices. On the following days, presentations and discussions continued through the Steering Committee meeting, workshops, work package meetings and Tuesday's study trip. During the trip, project partners had the opportunity for bilateral discussions and addressing specific issues in their work packages. Visits were made at interesting and informative venues related to sustainable energy planning, such as the headquarters of Energinet, the national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas, or Barritskov, where the concept of a promising biochar technology was presented by Thomas Harttung (founder of Aarstiderne, Black Carbon and Green Carbon).