Project Meeting in Kortrijk, Belgium

The partnership of the North Sea- SEP project met for three days in Kortrijk/Belgium for a combined steering committee meeting and workshops on the different work packages, hosted by the two partner organizations from Belgium IMOG and Intercommunale Leiedal.

The partners presented their respective networks build and maintained in the project and their different ways to address the general public and target groups from facility managers to politicians. Jonas Möller-Nielson from EMC Varberg (SE) presented the analysis of the partner networks. In 2010 the North Sea-SEP project partners contained 67 local, regional and transnational networks. 331 meetings, workshops and conferences etc. in these networks took place and involved approx. 6440 persons. Recommendations for setting up a sustainable network and maintaining it over time were presented as well.

Further on Green Network (DK) presented a strategy as a tool for awareness rising of politicians. Stevica Milentijevic from the Jade University (DE) in addition presented the concept and beta-version of the North Sea –SEP appraisal model as a planning tool for renewable energies. Look out for the tool in the next weeks on our website.

Other aspects of the project are training classes for pupils and facility managers or caretakers. Chris Ashe from Dundee Collage (UK) introduced the “Energy trail” interactive learning site for pupils and the visual content of the “Learning gateway” to the partners. All of these websites will be interlinked to enhance a broad participation and exchange of knowledge.

Partners visiting imog
The Energy Mobile

The meeting also included a study trip including a site visit at the local recycling plant of IMOG, where 2 presentations were given (“Turn waste heat into electricity” and about the “Fund for the Reduction of Global Energy cost”) as well as the first look on the finished “Energy Mobile” (see photos). The Energy Mobile is used for dissemination activities on markets and fairs and includes small games and directed information on the topics of energy efficiency and energy saving.  

The partnership agreed, that the discussed topics of involving various groups of people, the spreading of the information gathered in the project and in general is an important key factor for planning a sustainable way on the basis of renewable energies. To get an impression of the meeting have a look at the podcast. A more detailed documentation provides the video recording, which you can find here.