Project Meeting in Osterholz-Scharmbeck

On the 18-20 May the project partners met in the City of Osterholz-Scharmbeck for a three day work package and steering committee meeting. After a short welcome and introduction in the town hall of Osterholz from Ulrich Müller (City of Osterholz) and Hans Peter Ratzke (Jade University) the thematic sessions began. Mr. Müller showed in various examples the implementation of the North Sea-SEP project in the municipality of Osterholz. Ole Schirrmeister and Julian Hellmich from REON provided an analysis of biomass and wind energy potentials for the region. The first day ended with a site visit of the Biogas Plant and the CHP station on the new Campus of Osterholz-Scharmbeck. The second day started at the town hall of Grasberg. Topics were the potentials of solar energy. 

Discussion in Grasberg

Together with the majorette of Grasberg the project partners discussed the tools and effects of PV solutions for different precognitions.

The group at SEN

After a site visit of "Solar Energy North", the biggest provider for frames for PV installations in northern Germany, the international group was transferred to Farm Grimm in Worpswede. The family Grimm switched to the production of biogas seven years ago after the production of rye turned out to be economically inefficient. The afternoon session was focused on the thematic complexity of the work packages including presentation of each partner region and their respective approach containing on a sustainable energy planning. The diverse precognitions and approaches of the partners led to a discussion and some new ideas for the future success of the project. 

Biogasplant at Farm Grimm

The day ended with a visit of the biogas plant of the family.

On Friday the partners again met in the town hall of Osterholz for the steering committee to decide on the next steps which have to be taken.