South-West-Flanders energy neutral by 2050. Launch of the energy strategy of the Kortrijk region, Belgium

The Kortrijk region faces a major challenge: energy neutral by 2050. But how can the region achieve this objective? how can we generate more renewable energy and energy effiency? How can we reduce energy costs and how can we avoid energy poverty? And how can the region enjoy the benefits of this energy transition? All these questions have been solved over the past two years as part of North Sea - SEP.

On July 5th 2012 the Belgian North Sea - SEP partner Leiedal presented the findings and proposed a regional energy strategy. In this project directed by Leiedal several local governments and regional organizations were involved. Each participant of the event received the publication: South-West-Flanders energy neutral by 2050. Towards a regional energy strategy.

The publication contains:

  • What is the energy transition (Global / regional), and what will be the impact?
  • CO₂ calculator for the region
  • Status Quo of the current situation, trends and challenges
  • Transition Paths: vision and strategic objectives
  • Proposals for local and regional actions

The regional energy strategy focusses on 7 themes:Built environment

  • Renewable energy
  • Mobility
  • Industry and businesses
  • Energy poverty
  • The role of public authorities
  • Energy cost