Regional Development

Leiedal is an important actor in the regional development, together with the Resoc (regional social-economic consultation committee) and the municipalities. The ambition of the municipalities in the energy perspective is increasing but still modest, Leiedal and the Resoc agreed to work together to get it high on the agenda, as an opportunity for the further socio-economic development of the region.


Intercommunale Leiedal
President Kennedypark 10
B-8500 Kortrijk

Mr. Dominiek Vandewiele
+00 32 56 24 16 16

Intercommunale Leiedal

Leiedal is a partnership of thirteen municipalities in the Kortrijk region. In the past 50 years Leiedal has been at the basis of a multifaceted intermunicipal co-operation that supports the broad socio-economic and spatial development of the region and deals with regional challenges. Making the shift from a traditional to a knowledge-based, creative economy is one of those challenges.

Activities in the energy sector

Leiedal develops knowledge about the local implementation of sustainable energy and regional energy planning, and applies this on sustainable business parks, housing development projects and regional approaches towards the implementation of windmills.

Local North Sea SEP projects

Leiedal will develop an overarching regional energy strategy as a type of energy planning, to bring together a broad network of public authorities, private companies and education partners around the future of sustainable energy in the Kortrijk region, and underpin it with a clear vision.  Further, Leiedal will develop regional approaches towards implementations of sustainable energy production techniques, plus an action plan to green public infrastructure within the region.

Characteristics from the energy perspective

The Kortrijk region is largely urbanized and characterised by a density of SME's which provide economic prosperity for the region, but is energy-intensive. From the energy-perspective, there is a potential for improvement of the energy-efficiency of businesses and households through the development and application of knowhow and technologies by businesses, local government and the knowledge institutions. There is a limited potential for sustainable energy production within the region.