Regional Development

The Jade UAS participates in the project not as regional partner but as supporting organisation, that provides results from practice orientated research to the regional partners. Based on these research results local/regional energy planning strategies shall be developed.


Jade University of Applied Sciences

Ofener Stra├če 16/19
D-26121 Oldenburg (Germany)

Hans-Peter Ratzke
Phone: ++49-7708 3367

Jade University

The Jade University of Applied Sciences was founded in 2009 and is located between the northern Jade bay and the rivers Hunte and Weser in Northern Germany. It offers some 35 courses in 6 Departments. The 3 cities, in which the Jade University is located (Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg and Elsfleth), have a longstanding tradition in their fields. For instance, nautical studies in Elsfleth go back to 1832. Today the Department is Germany's largest nautical studies centre. Engineers have been taught in Oldenburg since 1877, and in Wilhelmshaven the Academy of Business Studies was founded in 1947.

The Jade University sees itself as a modern university with a focus on maritime sciences as well as courses in engineering and business studies.

Most recently, the Jade University has added additional areas of expertise in the field of hearing technology and audiology, marine research, tourism, geoinformatics, media studies and medical technology.

The Jade University combines academic learning and research with key qualifications and ethical standards.

Activities in the energy sector

At the Jade Hochschule energy relevant research is performed in the faculties of architecture, construction engineering, geoinformatics and photogrammetry as well as in the faculty of maritime studies. Areas of research are:

  • Insulation of private and public buildings
  • Evaluation of airborne collected information for energy planning processes (e.g. determination of the potential for solar power plants; determination of heating and cooling losses from buildings)
  • Heat exchanging systems in sewer systems
  • Development and application of GIS-Instruments for energy planning processes
  • Optimisation of energy consumption of ships

Local North Sea - SEP projects

The Jade UAS will execute pilots together with the regional project partners in all partner regions to test and to evaluate the achieved research results  based on local/regional conditions.