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Provincie Drenthe

Drenthe is one of the three northern provinces of the Netherlands and is excellently located between the large centres of economic importance in the West-Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia.

With its beautiful landscape, dynamic economy and excellent working and recreational facilities, Drenthe is a great place to live!

As a governmental authority the province is responsible for many aspects of spatial planning, the environment, landscape and nature, traffic and transport, the economy, welfare, health, and culture.

The province is headed by an executive committee, the Provincial Executive Board, which is appointed by a democratically chosen parliament, the Provincial States.

The Province of Drenthe co-operates with the two other northern provinces, Groningen and Fryslân, in the Northern Netherlands Provinces (Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland, SNN).

The province is involved, both at home and abroad, in various different partnerships with governmental organizations that focus on stimulating economic activities. The House of the Dutch Provinces represents the interests of Drenthe in Brussels.

Attractive entrepreneurial climate

Besides industry, the major economic mainstays of this vital and dynamic region are formed by trade and the service industries. A relatively large number of small and medium sized enterprises are located in Drenthe. Creative and innovative entrepreneurs enjoy economic success in the fields of synthetic fibre and medical instrument production, energy, agribusiness, and tourism. Cluster development is encouraged.

There is a business cluster relating to sensor technology, for example. Drenthe has a broad range of high quality business parks, high-profile locations with outstanding allure, industrial estates with excellent facilities, locations along waterways, and office complexes. They are all easily accessed, both logistically and digitally, and available at very attractive land prices.

Activities in the energy sector

The Province of Drenthe has responsibilities in the field of Energy Planning, encouraging and subsidizing the use of renewable energy, organizing cooperation between municipalities, business and energy companies, climate change adaptation and mitigation. Energy is one of the area for special attention in the Northern Netherlands.

Local North Sea SEP projects

Development of an innovative business model for building sustainable housing development. Pilot area is in the municipality of Tynaarlo - Vries Nieuwe Stukken (VNS).

Characteristics from the energy perspective

The Province of Drenthe has an ambitious climate policy and directs the municipalities in the region.

  • Provincial Programme for Climate Change and Adaptation
  • Creation of sustainable housing development
  • Bio-mass policy
  • Grounds for Change

The region directs or is partner in the network of:

  • Municipalities (VDG)
  • Bio - Energie Noord
  • EDR
  • Noord Nederlands Energieakkoord

The Province of Drenthe is also involved in the implementation of concrete "climate" projects such as:

  • The 100,000 Energy Neutral homes plan
  • The 100,000 Renewable Energy Vehicles plans
  • Plans for Energy saving/reduction in urban areas
  • Bio-mass projects

Sub Partners

Municipality of Tynaarlo
Gemeente Tynaarlo
Gemeentehuis Tynaarlo
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