Regional Planning Programmes (RPP)

In the field of renewable energy production the regional development is based on the guidelines from the federal government of Germany (regional planning act) and also of the government of the federal land lower-Saxony. The content of the regional planning programme in the district of Osterholz has to fulfil these specifications. In the regional planning programme the district specifies for instance areas where wind turbines can be located. Currently the district of Osterholz works on such a regional planning programme.


REON stock corporation (REON AG)

Am Hörenberg 1
27726 Worpswede, Germany

contact person:
John J. Becker (CEO)


Our main objective is to develop renewable energy projects on a national and international level. REON works in cooperation with important business partners in the development of energy projects. The main duty of REON is to manage the technical project development. REON typically develops "turn-key"-Projects.

Activities in the energy sector

Project development, planning and site-management in the fields of:

  • Wind energy
  • Combined heat power generation
  • Photovoltaic
  • Biomass / Biogas
  • Energy from waste water
  • Geothermal energy

Local North Sea SEP projects

The business location of REON is in Worpswede, in the district of Osterholz. All mayors of the municipalities in this district decided to improve and raise energy know how in order to achieve an autarky of energy until the year 2030, because the district is mostly addicted to energy imports. Because of the decrease of the worldwide energy fuel reserves the energy prices will be affected long before the reserves are depleted. Therefore our main focus in the North Sea project is to create a sustainable concept for the district for an independent, long-term energy supply that does not deplete natural resources. In this concept we will develop pilot-projects in each municipality focussed on renewable energy production as well as on the Improvement of energy efficiency.

Characteristics from the energy perspective

A rough analysis of our region shows that the main potentials of energy production are in the fields of wind energy and the use of biogas / biomass. But also the improvement of energy efficiency in public and private buildings, for instance the roof insulation, shows a big energy saving potential.