Wind Energy and grid issues

Counties and bigger cities are in charge of regional development. They develop regional spatial planning programmes, which have to be in line with the state spatial planning programme. This programme only mentions wind energy and the grid issue.


U.A.N. (Municipal Environmental Campaign - Kommunale Umwelt-AktioN)
Arnswaldtstra├če 28
30159 Hannover, Germany

Wiebke Abeling,
+49 (0)511 - 3028568


The Municipal Environmental Campaign U.A.N. (founded in 1985) is an independent registered association, but is closely linked by management and council with the association of towns and municipalities of Lower Saxony. The objectives of the U.A.N. are to help municipalities, municipal associations and companies with the solution of local environmental challenges. The U.A.N. is non-governmental and only attends to the environmental challenges that can be solved, or at least influenced, on the local level.

Activities in the energy sector

Climate Change and Local Authorities
The project has the following aims:

  • awareness rising on the local decision making level;
  • introducing workable options for local authorities;
  • enmotivate local authorities in sensitising the citizens on the topic;
  • to facilitate the exchange of information and cooperation between local authorities and other stakeholders.

The project is supported by the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony.

The project is a network of small rural communities that want to become "energetic neutral". It will bring tools and methods to support its members' energy strategy set-up and evaluation. (funded by IEE)

Characteristics from the energy perspective

  • Lower Saxony: 48.000 km┬▓, 8 Mio. inhabitants, 37 counties, 427 local authorities
  • use of RES:
    wind: 5100 turbines, 6000 MW
    biogas: 650 plants, 350 MW, 4% of electricity demand
    CHP: 7,8% of electricity production
    geothermal energy: high potential; a guidance paper was published by the ministry
  • energy efficiency:
    funding programme for insulation of private homes, 8 Mio. Euro until 2008; high investments in public building;  information campaign; 7 regional transfer centres for energy efficiency established
  • others: supporting public transport