28.11.13 12:03

Final Compendium is now available

Dear project partners and everybody.

We are very glad to present the Final Compendium of the North...

15.05.13 09:45

LOWCAP policy recommendations published online

The LOWCAP project has been extremely valuable not only for the North Sea Region but for the EU as...

01.03.13 12:24

Best practice examples of North Sea - SEP partners

A selection of best practice examples in German language is available in the service/download...

01.03.13 11:12

North Sea - SEP Final Compendium goes online

Parts of the North Sea - SEP final compendium are available in the service/download area now. Find...

Article in Teknik & Miljø about North Sea-SEP as an example for international cooperation (in danish)

Article in "Osterholzer Kreisblatt" (24.09.2011)

IMOG Energiekrant Newsletter

(March 2011)

Article in "Wuemme Zeitung" (07.03.2011)

Article in "Wuemme Zeitung" (13.01.2011)

Article in "Kreiszeitung Wesermarsch" (online) (16. Dec. 2010)

Article in "Kreiszeitung Wesermarsch" (16. Dec. 2010)

Article in "Jeversches Wochenblatt" (16. Dec. 2010)

Article in "WZonline" (16. Dec. 2010)

Article in "Wilhelmshaverner Zeitung" (16. Dec. 2010)

Article in "Die Niedersächsische Gemeinde Zeitschrift für Ratsmitglieder in den Städten, Gemeinden und Samtgemeinden"

Article in "Wümme-Zeitung" (29. April 2010, Germany)

SCoop magazine - Sustainable Cooperation & Opportunities

The partner Provincie Drenthe presents the North Sea - SEP project

Sustainable Scotland Network, Newsletter (Number 97), March 2010

IMOG Energiekrant Newsletter (March 2010)

Article in the annual report (2009) from the Institute for applied photogrammetry and geoinformatics (IAPG) of the german North Sea - SEP partner Jade Hochschule.

The IAPG annual report has been composed for a couple of years (number of copies: 750) and is specifically distributed to partner fom a science, political and industrial level.

Articles referring to the project meetings in Middelfart

Article on Melfarposten (Denmark), 10. February 2010

Article on ugeavisen vestfyn (Denmark), 9. February 2010


Article on Leiedal (11. December 2009)





Article on NWZ Online (03. December 2009)





Article in the Osterholzer Anzeiger (02. December 2009)




Article in the Hammereport (02. December 2009)





Article in the Osterholzer Kreisblatt (01. December 2009)




Article in the Courier Dundee (03. November 2009)





IMOG Energiekrant Newsletter (November 2009)

IMOG North Sea SEP Flyer (November 2009)

Article on NWZ Oldenburg (01. July 2009)





IMOG Newsletter (October 2009)