28.11.13 12:03

Final Compendium is now available

Dear project partners and everybody.

We are very glad to present the Final Compendium of the North...

15.05.13 09:45

LOWCAP policy recommendations published online

The LOWCAP project has been extremely valuable not only for the North Sea Region but for the EU as...

01.03.13 12:24

Best practice examples of North Sea - SEP partners

A selection of best practice examples in German language is available in the service/download...

01.03.13 11:12

North Sea - SEP Final Compendium goes online

Parts of the North Sea - SEP final compendium are available in the service/download area now. Find...

North Sea SEP – The Final Compendium

The Compendium can be seen as the main result of the work accomplished in the frame of the North Sea – SEP Project. It was written as a result of various practice oriented activities, ideas and experiences based on energy transition on a regional scale. The compendium summarises the baseline papers, strategies, best practices, solutions and experiences of the project partners in one compact output. The project partners are able to reflect their work while third parties can get an impression on the project’s outputs.

The compendium aims to be written in a user friendly way and a generally understandably manner in order to reach several target groups.