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Final Compendium is now available

Dear project partners and everybody.

We are very glad to present the Final Compendium of the North...

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LOWCAP policy recommendations published online

The LOWCAP project has been extremely valuable not only for the North Sea Region but for the EU as...

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Best practice examples of North Sea - SEP partners

A selection of best practice examples in German language is available in the service/download...

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North Sea - SEP Final Compendium goes online

Parts of the North Sea - SEP final compendium are available in the service/download area now. Find...

The Benchmark Tool

As stated in the Work Plan (Work Package 3, Activity 1) it is an aim of the project to explore the energetic status quo of each participating region. But the synopsis paper of the different baseline papers of each region is not a comparison in a practical sense. To maintain a comparing analysis different reference values were defined. For this reason a benchmark tool has been elaborated. The benchmark tool has a main objective: To figure – with its indicators – as a base to develop a regional energy strategy. Either a single region can use the tool to see if it is well set-up with its energy strategy or several regions can compare themselves concerning their energy situation. The Benchmark Manual explains how to use the tool.

You can download the relevant documents here:

The Benchmark Handbook

The Benchmark Tool

Evaluation Handbook:This paper contributes to the goals of WP5 Evaluation, benchmarking, quality assurance, specifically - the  part  of  Task  5.1  Quality  assurance  of  value  added  supply  chains  concerned with the quality of planning and management in initiatives; and - the part of Task 5.2 Evaluation in terms of regional impacts and of sustainability criteria concerned with sustainability.

The Evaluation Handbook