28.11.13 12:03

Final Compendium is now available

Dear project partners and everybody.

We are very glad to present the Final Compendium of the North...

15.05.13 09:45

LOWCAP policy recommendations published online

The LOWCAP project has been extremely valuable not only for the North Sea Region but for the EU as...

01.03.13 12:24

Best practice examples of North Sea - SEP partners

A selection of best practice examples in German language is available in the service/download...

01.03.13 11:12

North Sea - SEP Final Compendium goes online

Parts of the North Sea - SEP final compendium are available in the service/download area now. Find...

The project idea

The project was initiated by a group of interested specialists from different fields: green industry, regional planners and stakeholders of regional and municipal development. 

The idea of this project is to focus on the specific problems municipalities and counties faced in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

North Sea Sustainable Energy Planning is considering main points of relevant strategic EU policies, such as the ESDP (fostering e.g. Indigenous Development, Diverse and Productive Rural Areas), the Lisbon and Gothenburg Strategy (creating a dynamic economic environment and ensuring sustainable development) and translating it to the field of alternative energies and energy efficiency (RES -directive).